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Visit VideoEle's channel in YouTube

VideoEle has a service channel in YouTube which has currently more than 100 000 subscribers. Here you can do several things:

    • * You can subscribe to the service channel in order to receive an email every time a new video is created.

      * You can rate any video by leaving a comment you think appropriate. Offensive comments will be deleted.

    • * You can write a comment on the service channel and read those comments which have already been left by other Spanish teachers and students.

      * You can share your VideoEle experience with other Spanish teachers by providing whatever information you want, for example: the country you teach in; your students’ age; the number of your students; the videos you use; your opinion of the work booklets and so on.

      * You can contact VideoEle and send a message.


Text translated by Carmen Castro.



VideoEle en YouTube